Eco-Build Africa undertakes commissioned (applied and basic) research in all the built environment areas, and also on climate change and environment. We believe that basic research is primarily for creation of new knowledge. In the realm of applied research our focus is to appropriate existing knowledge to solve real life problems. In this regard we apply our research findings through collaborative work with governments and civil society. In this regard we also have a strand of research that specifically supports policy formulation and programme implementation. We also undertake commissioned studies  for various international and local agencies.

Through collaborations with Universities and research institutes globally, Eco-Build contributes to development of critical thinking and of scientific peerage, providing regional and international influence through new knowledge. In this regard Eco-Build has worked with reputable Universities globally, including University of Manchester, Harvard Graduate School, University of Florida, ETH-Zurich, IHS the Netherlands, etc. Our immediate areas of work include, but not limited to:  

  • Materials; technology; and standardization;
  • Mapping; land use; and planning in Kenyan counties;
  • Future Kenyan urban centres and rural towns;
  • Sustainable urbanization;
  • Climate Change in cities; and
  • Infrastructure development and planning.