At Eco-Build we believe in basic and applied research. Basic research is for the advancement of science; while applied research is the interphase between knowledge with needs of society. We believe that knowledge is mainly for transformation of society. This is the approach Eco-Build takes on community development, where knowledge products and models are developed and implemented with a view to influencing practice and improving urban development processes within communities.

In this regard Eco-Build has undertaken work on alternative low income construction materials and technologies, waste management models, water purification systems and models, community environmental sanitation solutions through methane capturing bio centres, energy efficient low income housing solutions, participatory urban planning and design approaches in communities, etc. Eco-Build has worked with many partners, including GOAL Ireland, Pamoja Trust, Haki Jamii, Umande Trust, Maji na Ufanisi, the Civil Society Urban Development Programme, University of Manchester, Harvard Graduate School, Kounkuey Design, Urban Think Tank, Hertzog de Meuron, etc.