Green Architecture is an architectural style that incorporates environmental design into planning, design and execution of buildings in an integrated rather than interventionist way. Green Architecture incorporates all environmental building physics principles, namely: natural ventilation / passive cooling; tthermal comfort; solar shading; room acoustics and day-lighting; it goes further to integrate broader sustainability principles, e.g. life cycle costing; sustainable construction technologies; sustainable materials and management systems. It means that entire buildings are conceived as green, right from concepts, through design and planning to construction. I have done several projects which are available on request.

  • University of Nairobi Tower (2011): Design for an 18 story tower, incorporating environmental design and sustainability principles, in collaboration with Waweru and Associates. The North-South oriented tower, and the podium in which it sits, is conceived as a green building, incorporating natural ventilation, day lighting, room acoustic design, photovoltaic and bio-gas electricity generation, rainwater harvesting, grey-water recycling, design for good indoor air quality and resource conservation. The building will be subjected to existing green buildings rating system (LEED). Construction to start in March 2012.
  • Diani Hotel Development for Shaanti (2009): 15 acre development in Diani Beach  for fully environmental sensitive design resort for Shaanti Ltd including accommodation, restaurants, spar, and conservation. The design incorporates conservation of section of a kaya forest, solid and liquid waste digestion, and solar power interventions. It uses mainly local materials and construction technologies, employs natural ventilation, and incorporates thermal mass, solar shading and day lighting. Project is at tender stage.
  • Design for ‘Hotel Lamu Queen’ (2009): a luxurious Hotel, designed on the basis of Swahili Architecture, with each suite composed of a reception, two private lounges, en suite bedroom, walk in wardrobes and a private swimming pool. The hotel is fully environmental, with its own energy and water supply and cutting edge waste management and sewer treatment technologies. It employs the malqaf natural ventilation, solar shading and socio-culturally appropriate construction and technologies. Project is at tender stage.
  • Design for the Scripture Union Retreat Centre (2008): incorporating sustainability principles in land use, building materials and technology, greening, renewable energy and energy efficiency design, water recycling and reuse, and alternative waste management and sanitation systems. The water pumps are all wind driven, with solar powered street lighting. This project is on hold.
  • Avenue Produce Go-Downs, JKIA, Nairobi (2008): Design for a processing and exporting factory for vegetables and horticultural products, in controlled internal environments for Avenue Produce, at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya.