Green Architecture is an architectural approach that incorporates environmental design into planning, design and execution of buildings in an integrated rather than interventionist way.

Green Architecture incorporates all environmental building physics principles, namely: natural ventilation / passive cooling; thermal comfort; solar shading; room acoustics and day-lighting. It goes further to integrate broader sustainability principles, e.g. life cycle costing; sustainable construction technologies; sustainable materials and management systems. It means that entire buildings are conceived as green, right from concepts, through design and planning to construction.  It also includes application of sustainable technologies and sspecification of environmental Building Management Systems (BMS).

Eco-Build collaborates with leading Architects in Kenya and globally to promote green design. Collaborations have been with Sync Consult, South Africa, ERM, New York and Johannesburg, Planning Systems Services, Kenya, Symbion International, Mutiso Menezes International, etc.