Global warming and indeed anthropogenic climate change is one of the key challenge of our time. Eco build Africa recognizes that climate change governance is a priority to deal effectively with challenges and to harness opportunities accruing from climate change.

Education, information from research, finance and technology are needed for any climate change regimes, and actions. These can only be accessed through partnerships.

Impacts of climate change on the African people, economies and sectors require that the continent develop mechanisms, to deal with adaptation of our entire economies to the vagaries of climate change. Without this the development gains made by the continent will be eroded; millennium development goals will remain out of reach, and Africa’s people will remain vulnerable. Africa must not follow the development trajectories of the West, that caused global warming and climate change in the first instance. Green development pathways are possible. These require knowledge, finance, technology and capacity buildings.

Eco-Build Africa works at all levels on climate change. Eco-Build has been involved in climate change advocacy, developed the African Union Climate Change Strategy, established the Kenya Climate Change Working Group, worked with institute of Security Studies on Climate Change, Peace and Security and with African Center for Cities on Climate Change and Food Security. Eco-Build also collaborated with the Woodrow Wilson Centre on Climate Change and conducted extensive research on methane gas capture on Nairobi’s biggest dumpsite, Dandora. Other partners on climate change include the World Bank, where we have donme work on climate change adaptation in cities, Oxfam GB, with whom we have worked on climate change and food security, and HIVOs the Netherlands with whom we have worked on methane gas capture from dumpsites in Nairobi.