Eco-Build Africa is a multi-disciplinary organization that works on environmental architecture, sustainable urban development and housing. In these areas the organization bridges knowledge development and application by focus on three areas:

  1. Basic and applied research
  2. Environmental Design & Construction
  3. Community Development.

The organization works closely with the public sector, the private sector and communities.

The organisation boasts a wide array of respectable clients, including:

  • Government of Sweden for whom the organization has been developing the Sustainable Urban Development Programme, Symbiocity;
  • United Nations Environment Programme, for whom the organization developed the current comprehensive environmental master plan;
  • The Aga Khan Foundation, for whom the organization did a comprehensive study on development of its 5000 hectare campus in Tanzania;
  • The DR Congo Government, for whom the organization developed a new master plan for the Proposed City of Izwa;
  • Oxfam GB for whom the organization undertook research on Poverty in Nairobi’s Informal Settlements to aid its Programme Development;
  • World Bank for whom the organization has done work on climate change impact on cities;
  • The African Union for whom Eco-Build offered technical support for climate change and urbanization including development of the Unions 20 Year Strategy on Climate Change;
  • UN-Habitat for whom the organization writes the: State of Africa’s Cities Report Eastern Africa’s Section];

Eco-Build Africa has collaborated with leading organisations in research, architecture and urban development globally. These include: the Harvard Graduate School, University of Manchester (UK), University of Florida, Gainesville, ETH Zurich, SKL / SALAR (Sweden), Woodrow Wilson Centre (USA), African Centre for Cities, UCT (South Africa), Hetrzog de Meuron (Switzerland), Urban Think Tank (USA), YMR (USA / South Africa), Sync Consult (South Africa, amongst others.