1. Climate Change and Food Insecurity in Mombasa: Institutional and Policy Gaps
  2. Sustainability in slum upgrading in the complex context of policy change: the case of Nairobi

Peer Reviewed Journals

  1. Sustainability Concerns in Built From Scratch Cities in Africa
  2. Beyond Technology: Unpacking the Challenge of Cost in Low Income Housing in Kenya
  3. Effects of Globalization in Training Architectural Design: A Case for a Pedagogical Shift in African Schools of Architecture
  4. Social Capital, Public Provisioning and Democratic Governance
  5. Augmenting African Public Governance with Social Capital
  6. Efficient Urban Flows: A Networks Approach to Understanding the Role of the Market and the State in Housing: the Cases of Nairobi, Kenya and Johannesburg South Africa.
  7. Conceptual and theoretical developments in the self-help housing: contribution through housing networks analysis in Nairobi, Kenya and Johannesburg, South Africa