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August 13, 2014

Safe + Smart Cities [Collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson Center, USA]

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Collaborations with the Woodrow Wilson Center, USA

“Safe + Smart Cities”  [Collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson Center, USA] will highlight policies and practices that integrate new smart city technologies and planning concepts with efforts to make urban areas more resilient to natural and man-made disaster. This event brings business and government leaders together with urban experts to examine the space where the realms of “safe” and “smart” cities intersect, bringing attention to opportunities for the private sector and civil society to fill this space and play a more active role in making their communities secure.

The digital age has ushered in a new era of urban innovation and entrepreneurship. Cities are using new technologies — from data collection and real-time monitoring to sophisticated “control centers” — to make urban performance more efficient and to enable new modes of coordination, decision making and participation. Yet these initiatives to develop and implement smart city technologies have been “siloed” from efforts to build urban resilience and reduce disaster risk.

This networking event will present global best practices and evidence-based research to highlight integrated and comprehensive approaches that harness new technologies to make cities more secure, while simultaneously creating more efficient, sustainable and livable communities.